Talent Management

Would you like reassurance that your employees / candidates match your proposed positions?

Our Consultant Psychologists will use an Assessment system to help you establish a reliable diagnosis tool to assess the professional, cognitive and soft skills of your employees.

We work with our clients to develop a jointly drafted set of skills covering the key and strategic issues to be assessed.

We then place the assessment subjects in fun, detailed situations, which are carefully chosen to allow us to observe their skills.

Finally, a written and oral review is offered to the assessed subject and to our client, providing an opinion on the compatibility of the profile with the target position.

We offer a rapid, efficient and fun method, which is in line with your strategic and business objectives, whilst also guaranteeing a friendly and ethical way of dealing with your employees.

SR, CEO Fondateur d’une ETI dans l’IA

« HC nous a accompagnés avec intelligence, bon sens, pertinence et bienveillance dans un important projet de réorganisation que nous avons eu à Bordeaux (33) »

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