Construction & Energy

Convinced that the construction centre is undergoing a period of evolution, offering some exciting challenges, we provide our expertise in order to fulfil your recruitment requirements for the Building sector. Providing you with support for your projects, our team recruits for the following roles:

  • Industry: Sales Team, Prescription, Technical Management, Sales Management, Marketing and R&D roles, Key Accounts
  • General contracting works:  Construction Management, Business Development, Agency Management, Design Office, Division Manager
  • General contracting maintenance: Agency Management, BU Management, Business Development, Facilities Management, Business Manager, Key Accounts Manager
  • Business: Site Management, Business and Network Management, Purchasing and Marketing, Key Accounts
  • Property: Development Director M/F, Development Manager M/F, Property Manager M/F, Programme Manager M/F, Project Manager M/F

Our clients come from very varied backgrounds, from leading small and medium sized businesses in local markets to major international groups. They come to us for recruitments throughout the whole of France, with an approach based on partnership to meet their demands.


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